6 Reasons You Need To Switch To SuperStroke Grips


Tune in to any broadcast of a PGA Tour event and you’re likely to see that equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. From oversized drivers to woods with miniature heads. From huge mallet putters to old-school blades. From cavity-back irons to single-length forged. Indeed, the types of golf equipment run the gamut — both on the PGA Tour and at your local golf club.

In recent years, one of the most popular new types of equipment you’re likely to see is an oversized putter grip. The relatively new entry to the grip category first came into the public eye during the 2011 season when Jason Dufner used an oversized SuperStroke putter grip while nearly winning the PGA Championship.

In the years since, SuperStroke has since dominated the oversized grip market. What are the benefits of SuperStroke putter grips? How can it help your game? Here are six reasons you need to switch to SuperStroke grips.

No taper

SuperStroke putter grips are “parallel” from the top down. While traditional putter grips tend to taper from the top of the grip down to the tip end, oversized SuperStroke putter grips maintain the same width from top to bottom. According to SuperStroke, parallel grips allow golfers to grip the putter with equal pressure throughout, leading to less hand tension and a more consistent putting stroke.

Additional customization

In the current golf economy, golfers have the opportunity to personalize or customize nearly every piece of their golf game. SuperStroke grips offer a range of sizes and feel to maximize your performance. SuperStroke grips each have their own functions. Oversized grips aid in enhancing the putting stroke’s pendulum — allowing the player to eliminate the breaking of their wrists during the stroke.

Happy thoughts

According to PGA professional Jason Guss, a larger grip not only makes a player’s hands more relaxed, it can lead towards getting your mind in the right place on the putt. “Because the grip is so big it takes away a lot of grip pressure, so your hands are a little more relaxed,” Guss said to GolfDigest.com. “When they’re more relaxed, it takes the wristiness out. And changing the thickness in the grip erases bad memories from your mental bank.”

Worth the weight

By increasing the size of the grip, the putter head seems lighter. As PluggedInGolf.com says, “A lighter grip makes the club head feel heavier because it increases the swing weight. Conversely, a heavier grip makes the head feel lighter.”

The advances of oversized putter grips like SuperStroke allow for added size and feel without adding weight to the putter grip. This allows for superb feel throughout the stroke.

Consistent hand placement

With SuperStroke’s Flatso flat-front grips, golfers are “reminded” of proper hand placement prior to every stroke. Putter grips with a flat front are different than standard grips, which are circular. Flat-front grips not only promote consistent hand placement, but proper placement of your thumbs. Aligning your hands on the grip is a vital first step in the process to a quality putting stroke.

They’re proven on the PGA Tour

Need more proof? Just look at which grips the PGA Tour’s best are playing. SuperStroke names Jordan Spieth, Sergio Garcia, Victor Dubuisson and Dufner staff pros, but many other PGA Tour players are using the brand’s oversized grips. If SuperStroke grips are working for the game’s best, their benefits will surely make an impact on your game.

— Ben Larsen

Featured image courtesy of SuperStokeUSA.com