Top 5 Golf Apps You Need To Download

Top golf apps to download

Like most activities and pastimes, technology has invaded the game of golf. From new technology’s impact on golf clubs and components, to the influx of distance measuring devices, swing analyzers and mobile applications, golf has undoubtedly seen major integration with tech.

With so much to choose from, though, finding the right technology for your game can be an overwhelming task. To help get started, we’re offering you the top five golf apps you need to download.


Have you ever wanted to golf but just don’t have anyone to play with and you hate going to the course and being paired up with a random stranger? Try the GolfMatch app.

With GolfMatch you can join communities based on skill, location and interests to connect with golfers just like you! GolfMatch has members in all 50 states, so booking your next tee time can be fun and easy! Available in both the iOS and Google Play stores, download the GolfMatch app today and share your experiences through the mobile feed. Click Here to download the GolfMatch app

V1 Golf

One of the first swing analyzers to hit the app market, V1 provides golfers video analysis of their swings. V1 Sports produces mobile applications for video analysis of swings and performance across a variety of sports. Perhaps the brand’s most notable mobile app is V1 Golf, which allows golfers to capture, compare and improve their golf swings using their iPhone, iPad or android devices.

The unique part of the V1 Golf app — which is available for use whether on the golf course or practicing at the driving range — is that users can record video of their swings and compare them side-by-side to the professionals available in the V1 Golf library of PGA Tour players. Additionally, the V1 app allows users to send their swings directly to certified PGA professionals for professional swing analysis.

For coaches and instructors, the V1 Golf Pro app is $10 per month. The V1 Golf app is free to use and provides a free personal online locker room with a suite of drawing tools, video trim and playback options, game improvement drills and more.


The Zepp system — which includes a downloadable mobile app and a sensor that mounts to your golf glove — captures, records and analyzes your swing in a slick 3D interface. After just a few swings using the Zepp system, you’ll be able to instantly evaluate areas where you can improve your swing. Zepp will also present to you training programs tailored to your swing.

The Zepp sensor retails for $149.99. Unlike other swing and performance tracking systems and applications, Zepp offers the ability to use the system in “Course Mode” or “Range Mode.” Course mode measures users’ full swings on the course to compare performance from round to round. The Zepp golf app offers instant and in-depth insight into your club speed, club plane, hand plane, backswing position, tempo and hip rotation through 3D and video analysis.

The Grint

Offering handicap indexes recognized and certified by the USGA, The Grint is a free app that allows golfers the ability to manually track their scores for input into its handicap system. Additionally, The Grint has a feature that enables its users to upload a picture of their scorecard.

To help provide even more value to its users, The Grint also offers best-in-class in-round GPS. The Grint’s GPS rangefinder features more than 10,000 courses with exact yardages to and from any point on the golf course as well as precise distances from any location to the front, middle and back of the green.

Arccos 360

Similarly to Zepp, the Arccos 360 app is meant to pair with sensors you must purchase. The complete Arccos 360 system, which retails for $249.99, includes 14 sensors — one for every golf club in your bag. The app enables you to capture every shot you take while on the course.

The data accumulated by the system is available to you via the Arccos 360 app, which provides amazingly detailed breakdowns of each and every area of your game. While most golfers are aware of their overall handicap based on the GHIN system, Arccos provides detailed handicap breakdowns for your performance off the tee, on approach shots, while chipping, out of the sand and on the green — as well as a cumulative overall handicap that offers much deeper insight than the traditional handicap index.

The detailed insight and analysis allows golfers to make smarter decisions on the course, on the practice range and when deciding which clubs to keep in their bags. The Arccos app also features GPS rangefinder functionality similar to The Grint.

— Ben Larsen